6 Clues that You’re Ready for a New Apartment

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The process of moving into a new apartment can be a real bummer. There’s lots of cleaning, building cardboard boxes, packing up all your stuff, lifting heavy furniture into a moving truck, and then you do the reverse as you conduct the unpacking stage. Besides all of the work involved, there is also a number of psychological reasons why people detest the idea of moving.

But, sometimes the annoyance of the moving process is necessary. Especially if your current apartment is preventing you from living your life in any way. 

How do apartment renters know that they’re ready to move? Here are 6 clues that should serve as signs you’re ready for your next apartment.


If you’re living in an apartment that is more expensive than your budget allows, you’re ready to move. With most leases lasting up to 12 months, a lot can change in life during that period of time. You could have a new job, lose a roommate unexpectedly, experience a period of unemployment, or incur additional expenses such as health bills that you couldn’t have anticipated when you signed your lease.

If your apartment is too expensive and you’re feeling the strain, it’s time to find a new apartment. Here are some tips on determining how much you can afford to spend on rent. 


Location is a vital component of how you enjoy your apartment experience. It can be challenging to get a complete read on the area in which you’re renting an apartment in the few visits you make during the apartment hunting process. If over time the location has become a drag for you, that’s a sign you’re ready for a new apartment. 

Location can become inconvenient in a number of ways. It can reveal itself in a long commute to work or school, a lack of things to do in your area, access to public transit, or maybe you’ve simply outgrown the area. 


In a utopian world, we all have the perfect roommate and there is never any moment of conflict or drama. But, utopia can be quite elusive. Another sign that you’re ready to move to a new apartment is having constant conflict with a roommate. Sometimes, it’s easier to find yourself a new apartment than it is to find a new roommate.


One of the most common signs that a resident is ready for a new apartment is being low on space. Over time we have a way of accumulating items. Accumulate enough of them and you’ll soon be out of space and be living in a cluttered apartment.

You also might need more space based on changes in your life. Maybe you switched jobs and now have the option to work remotely. You’ll want some space to have a home office if that’s the case. If you recently got married or had a kid, more space will be required for the new additions to your family. Or maybe you found an amazing deal of a treadmill, but have nowhere in your current apartment to place it.

Regardless of the reason, moving to an apartment with more space can greatly increase how much you enjoy your renting experience.


You might love your cost of rent, the location of your apartment, and the floorplan of your unit, but still find yourself longing for better amenities. Amenities that are relevant and beneficial to you can at once save you money and make your apartment-living experience better.

For example, if you’re spending money on monthly gym membership fees because your current apartment either has no gym or has a gym that is too small for your workout goals and needs, then finding an apartment with a gym could allow you to end your membership and save money. 


Raising a pet dog or cat is a very rewarding and loving experience for a person. But if you live in an apartment that either doesn’t allow pets or if your current apartment doesn’t offer your pet the resources they require to live a happy and healthy life, it might be time for a move.

Signs that your pet and you might need to find a new apartment could include anything from not having a dog park or walking path nearby to not having enough window space for your cat to enjoy looking outdoors. 

If you and your pet are ready for a new pad, here are some tips for pairing your pet with your next apartment.


If any of these 6 clues are causing issues in your current apartment, it’s time to find a new apartment. In addition to the annoyance and dread of moving, is the work required to find the perfect apartment. Lucky for you, we can help with that.

At Elevate Living, we can do all of the time-consuming tasks involved in searching for apartment listings for you. We manage a wide range of properties in a number of cities. With so many floor plans and amenities to choose from, your search for the perfect apartment is just a call away. Contact us today to get started on your search.

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