Apartment Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

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Picture this: you’ve been living in your apartment for a month, and tonight is the night you show off your new place to your friends. A mouthwatering meal waits on your kitchen table. Your puppy curls up on his dog bed in the corner. Everything’s ready. Right on time, a knock sounds on your door. As you race to let your friends in, a wisp of dog hair floats past your face. You snatch it out of the air just you open the door. Your friends gasp at what lies beyond. Turning, you realize you forgot to vacuum. Tumbleweeds of dog hair roll across your kitchen floor. Bits of it blow into the warm food on the table. You’ve let it get too far. Your night of showing off has become a nightmare.

It’s hard to keep an apartment clean, even without a pet. A pet adds grime that is easy to overlook, until you’re faced with visitors. Here are some hacks to help you stay ahead of your pet’s messes.

Tackle Pet Hair on Carpets with a Handheld Vacuum and Rubber Rake

Even a studio apartment has enough space to house a handheld vacuum. A small vacuum can still be powerful enough to clean your carpets, and a handheld one will do wonders for pulling pet hair off of your furniture. If your pet is particularly prone to shedding, a rubber carpet rake can help to loosen stubborn pet hair that you can then vacuum up.

Keep a Lint Roller Handy

You’ll never think you need something as unexciting as a lint roller until you’re heading out the door and notice that your pants are covered in pet hair. Lint rollers are inexpensive, last for a long time, and will save your outfit (and even some furry furniture) in a pinch. Keep one in your house and a smaller one in your car, for times that you make it all the way into work before realizing you’ve brought half your pet along with you.

Stop Dirt Before It Enters Your Apartment

If your dog or cat gets dirty after a little outdoor playtime, such as at your apartment’s pet-friendly amenities, it’s important to get rid of the muck clinging to their coats before it gets ground into your carpet. Try keeping a dedicated towel by your front door to wipe off excess mud and invest in some doggy wet wipes for those bigger messes.


Leap Into Action With an Emergency Stain Kit

No matter the precautions you take, accidents happen. Your dog could scoot past you before you’ve gotten the chance to wipe off muddy paws, or your cat might knock a can of soda onto your white rug. Worst case scenario, you get back from work to find out your pet couldn’t wait for you to let them outside. The quicker you act to treat a stain, the likelier it is you’ll be able to fully remove the stain. Create an emergency stain kit with a scrubbing brush, regular stain remover, pet stain remover, and paper towels to ensure you’re ready for the unexpected.

Handle Messy Eaters With a Placemat Under Food Bowls

Some pets eat like they’ve been brought up with table manners. Others leave slobbery, slimy destruction behind after a meal. The mess can be remedied (or, at the very least, contained) by sliding a plastic placemat under food and water bowls. Instead of mopping your floor after every feeding, you’ll be able to rinse a small square of plastic in the sink.

Match Your Furniture to Your Animal

It might seem silly to base a color scheme off your furry friend, but doing just that could save you time and leave guests with a better impression of your apartment. If you’re in the market for a new furniture set, consider colors that match your pet’s fur. The remnants of a Golden Retriever’s frolic will blend into a beige couch in a way that makes the hairs almost invisible. You’ll know they’re there, but any casual visitor to your place will be hard pressed to spot them. On the other hand, blond pet hair on a black or navy couch really stands out.

Hide the Kitty Litter

No one likes to see (or smell) a messy litter box. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to get creative with your cat’s porcelain throne. The DIYer can craft a simple wooden box that hides the litter. The less-crafty can purchase a hidden litter box that will contain the smell and maintain the overall apartment aesthetic.

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